Venue and accommodation


West University of Timișoara
Vasile Pârvan Blvd, no. 4



Accommodation options in Timișoara:

3-star hotels (near university):


4-star hotels:


5-star hotels:

  • Tresor le Palais (single room: around 100 EUR) (needs taxi service, 5 Eur / trip to university)


For families:

  • Garden House  (needs taxi service, 5 Eur / trip to university)





Main airport to reach the conference venue:

Aeroportul Traian Vuia Timisoara


Other airports:

Budapest airport (3h highway drive, shuttle service available)

Belgrade airport (2-3h highway drive, taxi service available)


By train:

From Vienna (6 h) or Budapest (4h): several connections


By car:

Direct highway from Vienna (5h) or Budapest (3h)


Transportation from main airports to the conference venue:

Pre-ordered taxi (CityLimo); Uber; Bolt;  various local taxi services (approx. 7 EUR / Person)

Shuttle service from main airport: offered by each hotel


Train service from main airport (number of transfers, direct trains):

Not available



Local bus to city centre (approx. 1 EUR / person)


About Timișoara

Located in the Banat region, part of the larger Transylvania, Timișoara offers all the facilities of a large but welcoming and safe city. Timișoara is the European Capital of Culture 2023, which means that many cultural projects and positive urban changes have taken place in the last couple of years. It is also surrounded by beautiful multicultural authentic countryside.

From Timișoara, you can easily visit other Transylvanian cities (such as Oradea, Sibiu, Cluj, Brasov), remote villages or the Carpathian Mountains (within max 2 hours of travel), experience high quality authentic Romanian stays, travel to Budapest or Belgrade (3 hour highway trip), Vienna (5 hour highway trip) and the rest of the world through the International Airport Traian Vuia.